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The earliest written records of Noirieux go back to the year 1212. They tell us that the manor and extensive lands were held in fief by lord Matheus de Noerus. Over the years the name has changed to Noirieux, and the estate still bears this name.

The first manor-house was built on the land in the 15th century, a typical late mediaeval house in a mixture of stone and half-timbering with mullioned windows.


In the reign of Louis XIV, Noirieux was graced with the house whose elegant classical facade looks out today over the picturesque river Loir. On the foundations of the former oratory dedicated to Saint Joseph, was built the chapel which still boasts its remarkable stone reredos, a listed national monument.

Noirieux has been home to several of Anjou’s grand families, and in 1989 was returned to its former glory by major renovation works which have restored its original appearance..